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Gastric Banding Dubai, UAE

At the AL TAIE Center (Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie) in Dubai, UAE, we are the top clinic for laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding surgery. Adjustable gastric banding surgery features an inflatable lap band placed on your stomach’s upper portion. During the laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding surgery, our best and top doctor will divide your stomach into two unequal parts. The upper part acts as your new stomach, which restricts food intake and promotes weight loss.
Gastric banding surgery, at our top bariatric center, involves the creation of four to five tiny incisions. Our best doctor will place an inflatable silicone band on your stomach. This band is connected to a port which our surgeon can fill with saline solution.
Our bariatric center will place the port beneath the abdomen’s skin for easy access and treatment. To learn more about our laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding surgery, consult with us.

What Should You Know About Lap Band Adjustment?

AL TAIE Center in Dubai, UAE, offers customised weight loss surgeries. Guided by Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie, the #1 bariatric doctor and surgeon, we provide top-notch lap band adjustment.
You will need follow-up visits at our first clinic to adjust the size of the band. Our best doctor will help you determine if you need to adjust the lap band. Listed are the top reasons for adjusting the gastric band.

  • Heartburn
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Hunger
  • No visible improvement in weight loss
  • Our doctor wants to combine a weight loss treatment

Diet After a Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding Surgery – Things to Know

Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie, the #1 bariatric doctor and surgeon, is aided by an expert team of dietitians at our first weight loss center. After undergoing gastric banding surgery, you will eat less amount of food. Moreover, you won’t be able to eat quickly after this treatment.
Our top clinic for surgical weight loss will guide you on the types of food you can eat. Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie, the #1 bariatric doctor and surgeon, recommends patients to eat only pureed food for one-two days. Based on the suggestions of dietitians at our best clinic, you can add soft and regular food items to your diet.

What is the Expertise of Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie in Performing Lap Band Surgeries?

Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie, the #1 bariatric doctor and surgeon in Dubai, UAE, has extensive experience in weight loss surgeries. He was the first doctor to perform bariatric surgery in 2003 at our best weight loss center.
He also organised the first conference on obesity-related illnesses in the UAE in 2006. As the #1 laparoscopic obesity surgeon, he has developed the Altaie Slink technique. Under his able leadership, our bariatric clinic has transformed into one of the best surgical weight loss facilities.
If you are fed up with obesity-related treatment, undergoing a gastric banding surgery at our facility is the best option. To know how our laparoscopic treatment can help you overcome obesity, contact with Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie.

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