We are a group of expert consultants and doctors, determined to provide our patients with the best weight loss treatment in UAE. Our team of highly skilled doctors, led by Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie, has years of experience in helping people suffering from obesity.

We are proud of the fact that our obesity center is recognized as one of the leaders in the field of endoscopy and bariatric surgery. Moreso, we strive to maintain this level of excellence and care in everything we do. Our determination to research and development ensures that our patients receive the most advanced treatment plans.

From the inception of our center, we have focused solely on the needs of our patients. To us, the health goals of our patients are of paramount importance and we are dedicated to going above and beyond to meet their expectations. Our center is known for providing the best bariatric and endoscopy surgery specialists in the country. We have served countless patients so far. We make sure to offer the best treatment options to our patients after analysing their body mass and age.

Reasons to Choose Us

We are the first center in UAE that has been awarded a Certification Of Excellence in obesity operation by The American Association Of Obesity. It was granted based on various criteria, the most important being the performance of the center in terms of the doctor team, timing and patient’s condition after the operation. We have performed over 50,000 operations followed by a successful discharge the next day.

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